SeqCode: Virtual Machines

General description

Users can select from the link below the SeqCode command binary to run in Linux Ubuntu environments:

- VirtualBox with minimum configuration (32 bits, 2Gb RAM, 10 Gb hard drive)
- VirtualBox with powerful configuration (64 bits, 4Gb RAM, 100 Gb hard drive)

OVA files were generated for Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0, running Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 LTS (Bionic, Sep, 2019).
SeqCode source code, binaries and demos can be found at the home directory of the seqcode user.

Please, find further information about SeqCode standalone release on the following links:

  • The SeqCode source code full distribution is accessible from GitHub at:

  • Details about how to setup the SeqCode applications in your computer:

  • Basic description of the SeqCode command line program usage:

  • List of SeqCode commands furnished with examples:

  • Definition of genome data file formats: