About us

Our lab is focused on the role of multiple epigenetic components (such as histone marks and Polycomb proteins) that govern the development in mouse embryonic stem cells and can be involved in the context of cancer as well. We have designed SeqCode in order to appropriately interpret the huge volume of information generated through genome-wide analysis based on ChIPseq, RNAseq or ATACseq in our group.

Software developers:
- Enrique Blanco (senior bioinformatician)
- Mar Gonzalez (PhD student)
- Luciano Di Croce (group leader)



How to cite

This is the main reference of the SeqCode project. Please, cite this publication in case you use one or more components of our software.

In the literature

This is the list of current publications in which SeqCode has been used to show multiple aspects of genome-wide experiments.